Thursday, July 30, 2015

An Artist's World

I paint pictures with my words
As an artist with his brush,
The passions's always driving me
With words both harsh and lush.
I hear music in my words
As a musician needs to sing,
The passion's always driving me
With words that notes can bring.
I mix music with my words
And art will blend right in,
The passion's always driving me
With words my world begins.

- Myli Zhoefer

Why Do So Many People Like Music?

As a musician I've always wondered this. Here's my take on this subject.

Music is very powerful it has the ability to influence life. So why are so many people drawn to so many different types of music? There are so many reasons for it, as many reasons as there are different types of music.

Music for the most part tends to imitate life, or life imitates music. Take country music for instance. We have all heard the joke that if you play a country song backwards you will get back your house, your girl, your truck, your dog and your beer. Most songwriters write from experience, which in turn is reflected in many individual lives. Life its self is like a rollercoaster that never really stops.

Can it be said that the same theory is true for other forms of music as well. Can we say every form of art is an an emotion or experience, therefore every piece of art is music, even furniture? A lot of my rich buddies own very distinctive minimalist furniture designed by Mies van der Rohe and Eames (not sure if authentic or replicas.. but can't really tell the difference apart from the price tag)

 Yeah I think it is the common denominator in all music. There is a song out there for every emotion or experience. Life if your stressed you may play a slow song to calm your nerves. Where as if you are excited you might want some loud rock music. It just depends day to day or mood to mood what your mindset is.

I know that there are people who tend to listen to just one type of genre of music. For the most part even one particular type of music still has all these various influences in them. Most people as a whole tend to listen to a broad scope of music, instead of sticking to just one.

Music is a fantastic thing and is much more than just noise. Music is a life experience, when you think back on all the stages you went through musically growing up. I for one went through many stages. When I look back on it, I can see the relevance of that music at that time. We all still have favorites that we bring into adult hood with us. I grew up with Country music and early 80's pop. Then as a teenager gravitated toward Metal, Rock and alternative. I now mainly listen to country but I brought Skid Row into adult hood with me. It all depends on the person as to how music affects their lives. I personally love all music I cannot imagine the world without it. Everyone has a favorite singer or band. That is just how it works we find something we really like and tend to stick to it.

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